Why the Financial Health Club?

You have done a lot of things right in life and now you want to have more confidence in your finances to plan for your future

You want to know how to make your money work while you sleep and spend more time doing what you love with whop you love.

I can’t change your today but I can change your tomorrow!

Plan your future & Take Control

Martin was a pleasure to work with to maximise my financial potential. I now have clarity on income, assets, expenditure, pension and investing but most importantly financial confidence  

Kirsty Harrington Fernandez

Therapist, Therapy with Kirsty

After thinking about investing and getting my finances sorted out for too long working with Martin is one of the best things I have done for a long time. No nonsense and non judgmental who simply gets it done for you

Steven Mckenzie

Refurbishment and Maintenance specialist, Mckenzie Owens

Martin demystified everything but most importantly tried to understand my relationship to money, my aspirations and desires for my family future. No tech jargon, all in all an eye opener and would recommend to anyone 

Pauline Lysiak

Operations Expert, LinkedIn

I created Financial Health Club because I believe:

There should be no barrier to entry with money knowledge

You shouldn't need to buy financial products to get help

The world of finance should have been taught to you in school

The Financial Health Club is a safe space where you can talk about your finances and learn how investing works.

Together we’ll create a personal financial plan to get you to your goals. 

I want you to make an investment in yourself so you can build wealth easily without paying fees to the financial industry

Take your first step to manage your financial fitness.
Join the Financial Health Club today.


Martin Macleod is the founder of the Financial Health Club.

“I have a passion to help people discover their best future by having the confidence to use financial planning and financial education as a tool.”

I have 17 years experience in the financial services world helping thousands of clients with their finances

I have worked for large institutions like Barclays, AXA and Schroders as a Stockbroker and as a Chartered Financial Planner but felt the gap in the market existed in helping people take control of their own finances.

I wanted to move away from having to sell products to using my experience to help anyone regardless of how much money they have

In my spare time I love spending time with my family, following Scotland and playing my favourite sports very badly.


Whether you’re:

  • Curious about your financial health
  • Would you like to understand investing in the stockmarket?
  • Searching for unbiased professional guidance
  • You’d love to budget better or create a better money mindset
  • Planning for retirement 

… or anything else, get in touch with Martin today and put your mind at rest.

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