Learn how Investing really works with our exclusive live online training sessions.

The Financial Health Club’s online group programs will help you understand more about the world of investing and take control of your own investments.

We will show you how to run investment calculators, how to pick the best stocks or funds for yourself and how to invest for your future in an easy to understand live course

Whether you are a beginner investor or looking how to find the best stocks to invest in.

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Our Finance Bootcamps will give you financial freedom

Our finance bootcamp modules include:

Ultimate Beginners Investing Course

  • Introduction to investing and the key asset classes that move markets
  • Learn how the stock market works
  • Understand what products are available and how they work
  • A guide to Risk v’s Reward in the market

Investment psychology

  • The key psychological biases at play when you start investing
  • Understand the behaviours at play and how they can affect long-term returns
  • How to take control and ignore the noise from your mind and the market
  • Learn how the great investors manage their minds

Investing for improvers

  • Develop your investing skills
  • Understand the key concepts that move funds and equities
  • Learn to use research tools to help you identify investments
  • Find the key metrics that drive company and share success

Financial Health 101

  • Learn to create a spending plan
  • Get to know your important financial numbers 
  • Discover the ways to create wealth
  • Fun exercises to build knowledge and confidence

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